LeAnn Rimes' Christmas Video Promo Released - It's Raunchy

LeAnn Rimes’ Christmas Video Promo Released – It’s Raunchy


LeAnn Rimes will be touring this coming Christmas season hitting the locations:

• Manistee, Minnesota
• Chicago, Illinois
• Manhattan, Kansas
• Elimira, New York
• Englewood, New Jersey
• Poughkeepsie, New York
• Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
• Rutland, Vermont
• New York City, New York

In an effort to promote her upcoming tour, she released a video naming each location she’ll be visiting to the melody of the yuletide tune “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. There’s nothing wrong with promoting her tour, but she chose to wear a black bikini with a beach as the backdrop. She was partially covered by a red & black plaid shirt for part of the video, but she more than once uncovered her right shoulder to reveal her bikini covered breast while striking what she believed was a sultry pose. Her song lyrics in the video purport may come across as crazy, but she’s known to be a crazy (IE funny) person. Whether it comes across that way may be a matter of opinion, but it doesn’t appear to be working as well as she’d hoped.

She was accompanied in her video by three small men dressed as Santa’s Elves amid overdubbing that made them sound like munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. The elves tried to come across as humorous, but their shtick was labored and undercut by the munchkin sounds that didn’t always sync with their lip movements. Towards the end of her number, she sings out “Merry Christmas to you all, ho, ho, ho” as she once again pulls down her shirt to reveal her bikini covered right breast. It made her look a ho rather than express the jolly sound of Saint Nicholas. She finished the video by streaking across the beach in her bikini as the elves chase her in an attempt to cover her with the shirt once more.

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