Kellie Pickler Bikini Body

The bikini body that Kellie Pickler exudes of late is leaving many people bustling. The Dancing With the Stars alum and American Idol has in the recent past been very active in sharing multiple shots on the social media. Twitter and Instagram has recorded plenty of her vacation shots and hashtags which go along with what she is up to. The likes of Sun Bunny and Island Life hashtags are a clear indication that Kellie Pickler has had plenty of incredible relaxing vacation days.

The self proclaimed Cabana Girl has had bitter moments in regard to her figure. This is a thing that had taken its toll on her for a number of years but today, she in splendid shape and nothing seems to stop her from being proud of her new redefined look.

Pickler has been very close to her music career of late but that does not seem to be an enough reason for her not to find time to have fun. Just the other day, the DWTS winner observed her 29th birthday in the company of Kyle Jacobs, her husband. The rejoicing that came with this moment took them to Cabo San Lucas where Kellie added glamor to it by inviting Katherine McPhee, her fellow American Idol Singer.

Throughout these vacations, her bikini body has been well showcased in the shots that she has availed to the public. It is beyond reasonable doubt that she is not the only one who likes it. The response that she is getting is enough to show that her funs and the general public at large are appreciating the new creation that she has put in her figure.
The best thing with it is that she is comfortable of where she is and aspirations of reaching greater heights are clearly evident.

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Kellie Pickler Bikini Body: ‘American Idol’ Alum Shows Off Her Curves