What’s The Connection Between Adam Levine And M. Fredric

Many people know Adam Levine as a singer with Maroon 5 and an assistant writer for the television series Judging Amy. However, not many realize he is also the son of Fred Levine, founder of the Los Angeles-based clothing boutique M. Fredric. The family oriented company, founded in 1979 by Adam’s father Fred and his sister Mardi, takes its name from a combination of the names of Fred and his sister Mardi Levine-Fox. The company serves as an inspiration to many who have watched the boutique grow to become a highly respected part of the Los Angeles community.

The company is run by Fred, wife Lisa Levine and Mardi Fox. Together they have guided the company from little-known start-up to a nationally known and respected brand. The three partners play a variety of roles. They work hands-on to make decisions on the boutique’s service, quality, and d├ęcor. This has led to the shop’s reputation for unparalleled service and unique, innovative clothing. Their vision and attention to detail has created the company’s meteoric rise and sustained success. Fashionistas in the know nationwide flock to the boutique when they want to make a bold fashion statement.

Their collaboration has been nothing short of amazing. Fred, a former California attorney, had the vision and desire to get into the retail industry to work with family and friends. His sister, the free-spirited, bohemian yogi Mardi, brought her unique sense of style and her ability to identify up-and-coming designers. She buys the store’s accessories and identifies new trends. Lisa added her eye for cutting-edge fashion and her ability identify and nurture talent.

Today the constantly evolving M. Fredric is an industry leader with its eclectic, stylish, trendy, contemporary apparel and accessories for children and adults, superior customer service, innovative ads, and warm, welcoming ambiance.