In his top-selling book, Larry R. Williams offers tips, secrets, and strategies that investors can implement to increase their portfolio and the overall value of their holdings. The Secrets of Selecting Stocks For Immediate and Substantial Gains provides unique insights into the stock market and triggers that investors can learn to observe and use proactively so they know with certainty when to buy, sell, or hold.

Although his book was originally published in 1986, Williams claims that it is still in high demand because it has withstood the test of time. Principles explained throughout the detailed chapters have been effective despite the economic downturns and the recessions that have transpired since the first publication date nearly thirty years ago. His modern thinking along with sage advice and a healthy dose of common sense keep readers grounded yet keenly aware of the possibilities for wealth to be achieved through sound investment strategies.

The practical explanations included throughout the book have actually made this work of non-fiction a supplemental text in several university and college courses. Professors who want to engage students and increase their critical thinking skills will often use fun and interesting reading materials outside the standard textbooks to spark renewed interest in the class. The Secrets of Selecting Stocks For Immediate and Substantial Gains is an effective book fro this purpose because it literally applies to every reader.

Williams uses simple terms and analogies to relate complex concepts, such as analyzing stock charts, to the reader. He also discusses the importance of knowing where to find reliable information and how to interpret recent events in the financial world. Williams also emphasizes the importance of accumulation and how the specific strategies he outlines are able to help investors start earning higher returns and reporting gains right away.