Kim Kardashian Poolside Photo

Yesterday, while on a luxury vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Kim Kardashian took a poolside bikini picture and sent it to her fans via the social media photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Though Kim captioned the photo by saying, “Bit blurry,” her fans reacted positively and left plenty of comments on the former reality TV star’s account. She has some of the most passionate fans in the world, and her Instagram account is one of the most viewed in the world. With over 16 million followers, Kardashian is a confirmed media superstar and one of the most talked about people on the planet.

Kim was on a short Mexican vacation following a hectic few days in France, where she attended Paris Fashion Week. Her vacation will be brief. She has many more appearances ahead of her, both in the States and abroad.

Kardashian relaxed several ways: She read a book, browsed her phone and talked with friends and fans. North West, her one-year old baby girl, was also seen by her side. Several other pictures show fans gathering around to ask her questions. From other pictures, it’s clear that everyone was having a good time.

Trying her best to beat the heat, Kim was spotted with a large glass of water nearby at almost all times. Besides water, she mostly eats and drinks strawberries. Along with a host of other celebrities, Kardashian has been on a fad all-strawberry diet recently. However, every once in a while she allows herself a cheat meal.

As of late, Kim Kardashian has had a lot on her schedule. Besides appearing at fashion events, she was recently featured on the TV show “American Dad” as an alien and love interest to fellow extraterrestrial, Roger. Kardashian and her husband Kanye West recently were the subjects of controversy when the appeared on the cover of the April issue of “Vogue.”

Kim Kardashian Poolside Photo  2

Kim Kardashian Poolside Photo

Kim Kardashian Poolside Photo