Onstage Beauty Outshines Diabetic Device Worn On The Body

The need for an insulin pump did not stop the gorgeous Sierra Sandison from believing that she could win the coveted title of Miss Idaho this year. In fact, the former model turned beauty contest entrant did win the crown, despite wearing her insulin pump onstage during the swimsuit segment of the contest.

People magazine recently published a photo of the newly crowned Miss Idaho where her insulin pump, a medically necessary device, was on full display. This has given others who struggle with diabetes much needed hope and encouragement. Type 1 diabetes causes a person to experience blood sugar problems, which lead to debilitating sickness and unhappiness, explains Sierra.

According to the NY Daily News, Ms Sandison did not hesitate to wear the unit, which resembles a pager, attached to her swimsuit at her hip. Additionally, Sierra wore her medical device in the other competition segments as well. Sandison has known that she has Type 1 diabetes for two years, after being clinically diagnosed in 2012.

However, the thought of mixing beauty competitions and wearing a visible insulin pump caused Sierra to feel concern. She originally treated her diabetes with injectable insulin, and she hoped that it would go away. Type 1 diabetes does not go away, however, and is only manageable.

One of the catalysts for her brave display, according to Ms Sandison, is the fact that a former Miss America – Nicole Johnson – vied for the title while wearing a diabetic unit in the 1999 contest. As noted by the new Miss Idaho, wearing a necessary medical device does not diminish a candidate’s beauty. Hopefully, future aspirants to beauty pageants will find this to be a rule, not just an exception.

“I think one of the biggest problems is the media gives us a one-dimensional look on beauty,” she told E!. “What I really want people to know is whatever our differences are, it does make you look beautiful. It makes you look unique, and should be celebrated, rather than thought of as a flaw.”

“I don’t think we can escape what the media describes as beauty, but I’d like to contribute to the diversity of beauty in the media.”

Today, the 20-year old beauty from Idaho happily shares her story and photos on social networking sites such as Instagram. She expresses amazement at the outpouring of support she has received from diabetics

around the U.S. Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison intends to educate the public concerning Type 1 diabetes in the future.

sierra sandison pump onstage

sierra sandison pump onstage