Helena Bonham Carter is bringing her edgy, dark character back as the Red Queen in “Through the Looking Glass” the sequel to “Alice in Wonderland.” This prolific actress, recipient of an International Emmy for best actress, seven Golden Globe nominations, a Screen Actors Guild Ward and many more is happy to return and so are her fans. Carter excitedly laughs about her return saying, “My head is getting even bigger, I think, I just went for my first costume fitting, and it was nice to see Colleen [Atwood], it’ll be nice to see everybody.”

Bonham Carter’s background is as colorful and intense as the roles she plays, she gets her mannerisms and antics from her family. Bonham Carter grew up in England, where her father was a merchant banker. In the 1960’s he represented England in the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C. Her mother had a breakdown when Helena was five years old, but recovered three years later and got her degree in psychotherapy. Ironically, Bonham pays her mother to read her scripts and give her analysis her character’s psychological profile.

Helena Bonham Carter did not go to school for acting, but in 1979 she won a writing cotnest and used the money to enter the actors’ spotlight directory.

Tim Burton’s life partner is not returning as the director, but will produce the sequel. James Bobin is directing the film, Bonham Carter commented “James Bobin seems to be really interesting, and fired up and excited. Tim’s producing it, and we just felt like, he’s done it. You can’t spend two years of your life doing something unless you’re one hundred percent enthusiastic about it.”

Bonham Carter will bring plenty to the film, “Guess it’s time to take those Red Queen files out of storage.” she says.