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Star Wars Episode 7 Plot Leak: Has Major Plot Detail Been Leaked Online?

Star Wars Episode 7 Plot Leak

2 days ago the movie website, “Badass Digest” posted a series of plot details for the upcoming Star Wars Episode: VII.

As previously revealed, Episode VII will take place thirty years after the events of the Return of the Jedi. John Boyega, whose character is rumored to be the film’s main protagonist, deserts the Stormtroopers. He then befriends a female adventurer. It is said that the movie will open after these events and with the two finding a severed hand gripping a lightsaber in the desert. The hand belongs to none other than Luke Skywalker. They take the lightsaber, deciding to return it to the Jedi who once wielded it.

Eventually, the two meet Han Solo and Chewbacca, neither of whom have seen Luke for the past 30 years. Episode VII is intended to be very reminiscent of the very first Star Wars movie, utilizing the search for a lost Jedi plot. However, the new heroes are not going to be the only ones searching for Luke and the remaining Jedi.

Never-before-seen planets will also be introduced. On one of these new planets the new antagonist works on a weapon with powers that exceed the Death Star’s.

It is also rumored that the severed hand floating through space will be the film’s opening shot, which would be a huge stylistic departure from the previous Star Wars films. Fans are very skeptical about Episode VII opening with that shot and the severed hand’s role in the plot.

“Their quest takes them off world, and they meet up with Han Solo and Chewbacca, who aren’t flying around in the Millenium Falcon anymore but are piloting… well, that could be a spoiler,” Badass Digest Reports. “Anyway, Han and Chewie recognize the light saber as Luke’s, and they say they haven’t seen their friend in thirty years, since the events of Return of the Jedi.

“So begins a quest to find the missing Jedi Master. Meanwhile, on an ice planet, nefarious forces are building a super weapon, one capable of destroying not planets but entire solar systems.”

Disney refuses to confirm or deny any of the details that Badass Digest leaked. The most recent official update came yesterday in the form of a video from J.J. Abrams, reminding fans that they could win a chance to be in Star Wars: Episode VII by donating to UNICEF.