Early on in 2014, professional golfer Tiger Woods surpassed the billion dollar mark in career earnings. One would guess that with all of that money, Woods would be willing to open up his wallet, and tip at least the suggested 10 to 15 percent for services rendered. However, as Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly noted on the Conan O’Brien show, nothing could be further from the truth. Reilly has been on a book tour promoting his book entitled, “Meet my Sister…And Other Things I Probably Should Not Have Said”, and proclaimed Tiger Woods as never, ever opening up his wallet. As the discussion went on, Reilly pointed out differences in tipping between Tiger Woods, and one of his chief competitors, Phil Mickelson.

Reilly stated he knows of a valet in town that purposely stays seated in Tiger Woods’ vehicle, until he knows that a tip is about to be presented, since the valet has been burnt in the past. On the other hand, Phil Mickelson has stopped in neighborhoods in the past, where children have been selling lemonade to passers buy. Reilly stated that Mickelson has presented a one hundred dollar bill to the lemonade stand, versus paying out the 50 cent price. Reilly went on to state, that there is no difference when Woods and Mickelson complete their golf tournament at the Masters. Tiger Woods leaves Augusta without paying out a single cent to tournament volunteers, and service attendants. Yet it has been commonplace for Phil Mickelson to pass out $2,500 prior to departure.

Some have noted that Tiger Woods may be hurting his public image, by not paying out at least the suggested tip amount for services rendered. Even though he has contributed his personal time and millions of dollars to his Tiger Woods Foundation, most focus on the things they readily see and hear in the media.

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