Audra McDonald Admits Depression Led to a Suicide Attempt when She was a College Student

Audra McDonald, at 44 years old, made history by earning the most Tony Awards, which makes it surprising she used to struggle with mental illness.

McDoanld is a six-time well respectd Tony Award-Winning actress. She is also speaking out about mental illness, specifically, depression. She explains how she went through a dark time in her own life when she wanted to end it all.

She states she made a suicide attempt when she was a college student. It is hard to believe that a strong, successful actress was ever depressed. However, according to, McDonald was quoted as saying, “I tried to slit my wrist.”

She explains that she struggled with depression in her younger years.
Aidra McDonald is thankful there was a mental-health department at Julliard College. “…they checked me into a mental-health hospital, where I was for a month, and got me the help I needed.” She credits them for saving her life.

Audra McDonald further states, “When someone is suicidal, one of the first things you have to do is to protect them from themselves.” She is apprciative of the help she received from mental health professionals when she was in need.

McDonald states she thinks antidepressants helped her overcome depression. She also notes the success of her professional career also helped to improve her mood. She states she was blessed to have an opportunity to work on a national music tour for Secret Garden. Afterward, she went back to Julliard and graduated in 1993.

Audra McDonald currently is very happy. Her family includes her new husband, Will Swenson, also an actor, whom she married in October 2012. Together, they are raising her 12-year-old daughter, Zoe, from her first marriage. She states her life couldn’t be better.