Apparently, rapper Kanye West is deeply insecure with himself as evidenced by the fact that his wife must plead with her family not to mention her ex-boyfriend of three years in front of her husband. Admittedly, 29-year-old Reggie Bush is younger, stronger, and better looking than Kanye, but if love were about whoever is the most attractive, Hollywood would be the Biblical city on a hilltop when it comes to enduring marriages and relationships. Mrs. Kardashian West goes out of her way to assure her husband that she only has feelings and eyes for him, but that’s not what bothers him.

Kanye is convinced that Reggie Bush still has a thing for Kim. There’s good reason to believe that which has not escaped Kim’s attention either. For starters, she and Bush only broke up in 2010. Since that time, he dated and now married a lovely women by the name of Lilit Avagyan who looks an awful lot like Kim. Avagyan is dark haired and has a light brown complexion. She is buxom, curvaceous, and has that striking beauty just like Kim. Also, she’s an Armenian. Kim Kardashian is an American-Armenian.

Now, in all fairness, it may just be that Bush has a thing for Armenian women. Donald Trump only dates Eastern European women and that doesn’t mean he’s secretly pining away for Ivanna, but you can’t tell Kanye that. He gets engulfed in jealousy every time he hears about Reggie. The most recent occasion occurred roughly a fortnight ago. Nor did his brother-in-law Brody Jenner help matters much. Jenner is good friends with Bush and even went so far as to witness the Bush-Avagyan marriage despite having dogged his own sister’s wedding in Italy. That may be why Kim and Brody aren’t exactly on the best speaking terms these days. Truth be told, family should come first and Jenner’s wedding absence was an affront to his sister.