Singer Rebecca Black released a sequel to her hit song, “Friday” recently, and the title of it is “Saturday.” The new song has already gotten millions of hits on YouTube, as is another in her series of songs about days of the week.

Black, who was chosen as the Best New Artist To Hate of 2011, went viral with the previous hit, “Friday,” which was dedicated to the shopping holiday of Black Friday, as admitted by the female teen singer. Black was teased and bullied about the song and was only 13 at the time of its release, thus prompting her mother to hire protection for her daughter. She hopes that the new song brings better results.

“Saturday” more sophisticated, mature than “Friday”

Black says that this new song is more sophisticated than “Friday” and doesn’t have the same mix of nonsensical lyrics and “freshman” attitude, which could be a bonus with some fans. “Saturday” is said to have a more mature theme.

he video version of “Saturday” appearing on YouTube is loaded with funny references to her previous song, and actually has as one of its lyrics, the words, “trying to get Friday out of my head,’ and includes some rapping by Black. In addition, “Saturday” is said to be a less nasal sounding tune.

The video shows Black and her friends wearing sunglasses, and doing college groupie things like playing cards, taking selfies, twerking and drinking from red plastic cups. It’s mean to showcase 1980s pop culture with a view of one dancer wearing black sunglasses and white shirt just like actor Tom Cruise wore in Risky Business.

Black’s fans can ponder the notion as to whether or not the teen singer will eventually continue this trend and release a song called, “Sunday.”