In the Sunday episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Kris Jenner expressed her deep sorrow over her son Rob’s ongoing struggle with depression brought on by his weight gain. She poured out her heart to her less than sympathetic daughter Kim, age 33. Mrs. Jenner claims that she spends time crying over Rob’s plight every evening until she falls asleep. In fact, she says she cannot remember the last time she didn’t end the night without crying. Rob Kardashian has noticeably porked out in recent months, but cannot seem to get himself motivated to do anything about it.

As for Kim Kardashian West, she is somewhat estranged from her younger brother. It’s pretty obvious that she’s still miffed about him eschewing her wedding extravaganza in Italy this past June when she tied the knot with rap singer Kanye West. Mrs. West seems to embrace a tough love approach when it comes to Rob insisting that, at age 27, he does need to be coddled. It is true that he is grown man, but depression is one of those things that is not to be trifled with as it can push a person into perilous situations.

Nor is Mrs. Jenner alone in her concerns. Rob is said to be very “tight” with his older sister Khloe and she too experiences a great deal of anxiety when it comes to him. Kim acknowledged that the two people closest to Rob, his mother and sister Khloe, are also the two most concerned about his current state of mind. Despite their concerns, Kim admonished both her mother and sister to not get worked up over Rob. She insists that he must decide for himself how he will get his life in balance. In this regard, Kim has a point. Her weight exploded during her pregnancy, but she worked very diligently to lose the weight.

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