Paulina Gretzky’s Fiancé Suspended from PGA

Paulina Gretzky, age 25, is a strikingly beautiful buxom blond who was raised in the lap of luxury from the time of her birth. Now, she has been engaged a full year to golf professional Dustin Johnson. The two make a picture perfect couple. However, pictures and appearances are deceiving. Johnson himself has a drug abuse problem which was manifest in 2009 when he failed a drug test for marijuana. A year before he got engaged to Ms. Gretzky, he failed a drug test but for the much more serious cocaine. Now, he has been suspended from the PGA for six months for once more testing positive for the opiate.

For Ms. Gretzky, his drug problem is a real test of her maturity and character. Does she have what it takes to support her fiancé through this dark chapter of his life? Does she even love him that much? Love is intoxicating when it is in secluded rendezvous amid wine and violins, but it is quite different through a trial such as drug abuse. For Johnson’s part, family support will be essential to his rehabilitation. He will need his lover by his side more than ever. Khloe Kardashian kicked Lamar Odom to the curb over this drug addiction. It remains to be seen how Ms. Gretzky will respond.

Johnson has issued a public statement that he will seek professional assistance to overcome his drug addiction. It turns out he was suspended from the PGA briefly in 2012, but kept that a secret. For his sake, he better have confessed that to his fiancée before he proposed to her. If it’s any indication of which way the spoiled socialite will turn, a fortnight ago she removed a picture of the couple taken during his 30th birthday. It has been posted on her social networking wall.

Paulina Gretzky Poses In Red Bikini With A Monkey While In Barbados (photo The Daily Mail)

Paulina Gretzky Poses In Red Bikini With A Monkey While In Barbados (photo The Daily Mail)

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