Paris Hilton is no stranger to controversy. She’s given tabloid media some of its most confusing and exciting moments over the years. In recent years she’s taken a backseat to younger starlites, but TMZ reports that Paris is back in the news again, and there’s nothing good about the reason behind the news.

Hilton’s Malibu pool party took a turn for the worst Sunday morning at 2 a.m. when Jeremy Jackson suffered a ferocious blow to the head with what is reported to be a liquor bottle. Paris reportedly wasn’t a helpless bystander to the situation, either. According to Jackson, Hilton herself participated in what has been described as a brawl. Brandon Davis is another name that’s being thrown around in circles as a participant in the attack.

Jackson described a host of party-goers going “Rodney King” on his ***. Jackson’s claim to fame is starring roles in Baywatch and unfortunately Celebrity Rehab, a reality show that chronicles the recovery journey of formerly strung out stars. He was shocked to be asked to leave the Malibu party and played up his celebrity status before finally leaving the scene. Word is that he wasn’t even invited to the party and was asked several times to leave before the brawl ensued.

Police were called to the scene of the brawl but according to onlookers, no parties were willing to go as far as to file charges. It’s uncertain how much of the brawl was fabricated by intoxicated participants and how much of it was a legitimate attack on Jackson. Jackson has a history of drug and alcohol abuse and this might have contributed to the exaggerated nature of the reports. As of now no one is facing charges on any actions from this obviously very wild Hilton party that briefly put her back in the spotlight of the press.