lauren bacall dog: Lauren Bacall's Bequest Ensures Future Care of Beloved Dog

lauren bacall dog: Lauren Bacall’s Bequest Ensures Future Care of Beloved Dog

Lauren Bacall’s Bequest Ensures Future Care of Beloved Dog
On Friday, August twenty second, the estate documents of the late iconic film star, Lauren Bacall, were read in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court. Although the queen of the silver screen only passed away earlier this month, on the twelfth, a speedy reading was necessary due to the family’s plans to auction off her artwork this fall. Ms. Bacall looked after her family, some members of her staff, and not unexpectedly, her much-loved papillon, Sophie.

After requesting that her family respect her privacy and not publicize her private papers and mementos, she divided her $26 million estate between her three children Stephen Bogart, Leslie Bogart, and Sam Robards, as well as some staff members. She also generously provided for the college costs of her two grandsons, with any remaining funds to be disbursed to them after their thirtieth birthdays. As one of the first items addressed in the estate documents, she left $10,000 to cover the cost of future care of Sophie. Her youngest son, Robards has been entrusted with the dog’s well-being for the rest of her days.

Ms. Bacall has always claimed to be a devoted lover of dogs. She stated that while she was growing up in the Bronx, raised by a single mother, she had always wanted a dog, but it simply wasn’t to be. Her affection for little Sophie supports her claim. The star and her pooch were often seen strolling in her neighborhood. Sophie was also Ms. Bacall’s dear traveling companion, often accompanying her onto movie sets.

With a rich past of timeless successes on the big screen that include To Have and Have Not, Key Largo, How to Handle a Billionaire, and The Mirror has Two Faces, Ms. Bacall has left an indelible mark on the timeline of movie making history. Awarded with two Tony Awards, a Golden Globe, and an Honorary Oscar she has left behind a more than sixty year legacy of strong female roles.