Jennifer Lopez 2014 MTV VMA Gown

Jennifer Lopez made a stunning appearance last night at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Jennifer Lopez may well be 45 years old and the mother of twin boys, yet she stood out among the crowd stealing the show. The pop star shined in the red carpet by wearing a silver, glitter, metallic gown. The gown she donned was designed by designer, Charbel Zoe. The body-con dress hugged every curve of her envious and desired body. Due to the gown’s material she was able to freely wear it without worrying about exposing herself. The tightness of the dress’s straps kept everything in place.

It might have been a light silver color but it was not see through, though she has been known to wear revealing dresses to award shows. The pop star was able to show off her thighs and sexy legs with a high slit cut. In addition due to the dress’s form, her stomach was exposed as well. Her stomach showed abs that have been worked for hard. The top of the dress consisted of criss-cross straps around her neck.

The back of the dress was open revealing her back with straps that formed a diamond shape. The length of the gown was down to the floor and was longer than her height.

The dress dragged from the back as the pop star walked. The dress was paired off with matching shimmering pointed toe heels that added a touch of elegance. The heels were by designer, Jimmy Choo, in a metallic white color that almost looked silver.

To complement her look, she carried a silver clutch. Jennifer Lopez’s look at the MTV VMA’s can be described as sexy and glamorous. Overall, with this dress Jennifer Lopez sure showed a lot of skin but kept it classy.

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jennifer lopez vma gown

Jennifer Lopez In Charbel Zoe – 2014 MTV Video Music Awards #VMA