Locals and guards stand at the gate of the Dongfang Primary School after Monday's deadly attack.

Locals and guards stand at the gate of the Dongfang Primary School after Monday’s deadly attack.

Man Knife Attacks Children at School – Kills Three then Takes His Own Life

Yunxi County, China – An enraged man went on a knife attack at a local primary school which ended when he jumped off the building to his death. However, before he took his life, he killed three young children. In total, he assaulted nine people at the Dongfang Primary School with eight of the victims being minors. The other victim was a teacher. All of the survivors were hospitalized and it is reported that two of them are in serious condition. The preliminary report is that the man snapped after his daughter was barred from returning to the school. She has to successfully finish a program of summer study and failed to complete all of the requirements.

Across China, the new school year commenced on Monday following the end of the summer recess. School hadn’t been in session very long when the man made his way into the institution to commence the work of death. At this time, it is not clear how he was able to enter the school grounds. It is the first knife attack in roughly two years. Back in 2010, a number of knife attacks took place at school campuses across the nation prompting schools to enact security measures. The attacks continued until 2012. Sadly, the security at Dongfang Primary School failed to prevent the man from entering the school armed.

The first incident took place in late March 2010 when a romantically frustrated adult male named Zheng Minsheng began slashing children as they were entering an elementary school. He claimed 8 lives in his attack. According to Chinese justice, he was convicted of the deaths and executed five weeks later. Authorities believed dealing harshly and mercilessly with the attacker would deter further attacks, but it did not. Another attack took place the day of Minsheng’s execution. This was followed by yet another horrific attack the following day.

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