Jennifer Aniston Goes Braless

According to an article recently published by USA Today’s Entertain This website, actress Jennifer Aniston is seemingly rocking a whole new look.

The Hollywood celebrity was seen recently in Toronto, wearing one of her trademark “little black dresses” to promote her latest film, Cake. The film has received standing ovations and rave reviews from critics. It seems likely that Jennifer Aniston might even receive an Oscar nomination for her role in the film.

The little black dress was present and correct. It wasn’t too long and it wasn’t too short. But, oh dear! It looks like Jennifer “forgot” to bring her bra along for the occasion. Some sites and critics are claiming this as a classic “nip slip”. While it was true that Jennifer’s fruity pebbles were indeed visible underneath the dress, they weren’t exactly exposed in any conventional sense.

The move was a daring one, especially coming from an actress like Aniston who isn’t conventionally renowned for such publicity stunts. Regardless, if Aniston needed a bit of publicity to highlight her role in the new film, she certainly managed to achieve it.

Aniston’s nipples were clearly visible underneath the black fabric of the dress, and caught plenty of attention from the assembled press and paparazzi. Reactions from her fellow celebrities were surprisingly subdued, almost as if they hadn’t noticed anything untoward that evening. The entire affair was noticed immediately by the press, although it seems unlikely that a scandal will erupt.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston is busy finalizing her big wedding plans. She is engaged to fellow actor and heartthrob, Justin Theroux. The wedding will, no doubt, be a huge, star studded affair. There is no word on whether Aniston will wear her trademark little black “nip slip” dress to the wedding, although sources close to her tend to doubt it.

Jennifer Aniston bra malfunction really does take the cake (PHOTO)

Jennifer Aniston bra malfunction really does take the cake (PHOTO)