Michael Weatherly Weight Loss: NCIS Star Drops 35 Pounds

Michael Weatherly Weight Loss: NCIS Star Drops 35 Pounds

If you’re an NCIS fan, you might be in for a little culture shock down the road when looking at Michael Weatherly.

The 46 year old star of the hit show has just dropped 35 pounds and sources say that he has never looked better.

When asked why the drop, Weatherly said that he was encouraged to do it by the NCIS crew upon training for the autica Malibu Triathlon.

Unlike a lot of people who drop a few pounds and just put it back on, Weatherly has a definite plan to keep the weight off. He’s going to maintain a regular schedule of biking and running.

He says he wants to make his family proud. There is probably little doubt that they’re already proud of the very successful actor who is going to be starting his 12th season of NCIS.

Look for Tony (Weatherly) to give McGee some stiff competition in the skinny department this coming season.