Nicole Coco Austin Butt Implants And Divorce Rumors

Nicole Coco Austin Butt Implants And Divorce Rumors (PHOTO courtesy Dave Shankbone)

Nicole Coco Austin Denies Having Butt Implants

Nicole Coco Austin, the very curvy and voluptuous spouse of rapper and “SVU” TV star Ice-T, has long denied that she has had butt implants to improve her already stunning booty. But many fans of the blonde model who have compared before and after photographs of “Coco” wearing a skimpy bikini seem to doubt that lower body exercises alone could have so greatly increased the size and shapeliness of her rear end without a little help from a plastic surgeon.

It seems that “Coco” has been thrusting her big boobs and butt, natural or not, in the wrong directly recently, as rumors have been circulating that she cheated on hubby Ice-T during a trip to Las Vegas.

She even made the mistake of posting some sexy photos of herself with another rapper from Oakland on social media, which allegedly cut Ice-T to the quick.

Rumors have been circulating that the two were headed for divorce court after 11 years of wedded bliss, but sources now say that the two have patched things up.

A rep for Coco stated:

“Ice and Coco are doing totally fine. Those (divorce) papers are fake. They are not addressing rumors or the photos (her posing with that rapper) and are moving forward happily.”

“Coco” came clean and apologized for using very “bad taste” in showing the photos but insisting nothing more happened. Ice-T has gotten over his initial anger and the two are working at being lovebirds again.


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No divorce for Ice-T and Coco despite rumors and so-called documented ‘proof’ (Photos)