Celebs First jobs: Beyoncé Swept hair at mother's Hair Salon

Celebs First jobs: Beyoncé Swept hair at mother’s Hair Salon

In the HBO “Life is but a Dream” documentary special Beyonce shares a lot of intimate details about her life. In doing so she gives her fans a look back into her childhood where she reminisced over her first job in her mother’s salon.

Beyonce revealed that she swept hair in this documentary and sung for the customers after she swept. According to Shape magazine (http://www.shape.com/celebrities/celebrity-photos/15-celebs-surprising-jobs-they-were-famous/slide/6), this was the way that Beyonce earned extra money before she became the iconic celebrity that she is today.

There has always been a strong link between Beyonce’s success and her father’s leadership. Her first job at her mother’s salon reveals the influence that was cultivated through the time that she spent with her mother. In the HBO documentary Beyonce described the time in the salon with enthusiasm. She smiled as she talked about singing for customers. These statements revealed her early passion for singing. It provides a link to her hard work ethic in the early years of her life.

Beyonce has continued to work with her mother in her adult years in a different area. The working relationship with her mother is now connected to the popular house of Dereon clothing line.