A big question in current pop culture forums is surrounding pop star Lady Gaga and her boyfriend; actor Taylor Kinney. It’s a question that has been hotly debated lately with some rumors stating the the couple had already secretly been married. Rumors were further sparked recently when Lady Gaga was seen sporting a large diamond ring. The couple has been dating for over three years and had a rumored commitment ceremony recently in a New York City eatery that is owned by Gaga’s parents. The couple held the private ceremony inviting close friends and family only. Some sources have said that Gaga and Kinney plan to have an official ceremony sometime in 2015.

The singing superstar has been in the news recently for her role in another engagement, although not her own. She literally jumped and squealed with delight when a gay fan proposed to his life partner during her live performance in England. She celebrated with the pair before sitting them down to sing a special slow and romantic version of her hit song “Born this Way” to mark their special moment.

Lady Gaga has been a busy woman lately. In addition to her popular touring stage show, she continues to record new music and recently hit the top of the sales charts with her hit album of duets alongside Tony Bennett. She is also doing press and promotional appearances to promote her upcoming television special for PBS that she stars in alongside Bennett. Her new supposed fiance Taylor Kinney isn’t going to be lacking for work anytime soon either. The screen hunk dazzled audiences in 2012 with a role as a Navy Seal in Zero Dark Thirty and as a firefighter on the hit television drama Chicago Fire. He will soon be starting press appearances for his role in the new Barry Levinson comedy Rock the Kasbah, in which he appears alongside heavyweights such as Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Danny McBride and Kate Hudson.

The question at this point should be if Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are going to get married but rather when will they even fine time to do so.

Lady Gaga Engaged to Taylor Kinney ?