Wayne Brady Whose Line Is It Anyway 2014

Wayne Brady, the quick witted, comedian and his spontaneous show, Whose Line Is It Anyway remains with us. The CW has ordered 24 new episodes for the 2015 season. President Mark Pedowitz of the CW announced the decision earlier this summer.

Whose Line Is It Anyway is an improvisational comedy television show, which started in the UK as a radio show. The show began airing in the US in 1998, and stopped taping in 2007. Whose Line Is It Anyway has hilarious comedic skits which encourages studio audience members to throw out ideas. Fans enjoy the skits the ensemble use skilled maneuvers to interpret what the lines mean. The show with the three comedians, along a special guest each week trades comedic barbs and skits.

Wayne Brady along with Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and host Aisha Tyler appears on the now CW show. Brady won a Prime-time Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety, Musical or Comedy Series in 2003. Brady is an actor, comedian, game show host, presenter, singer and television personality. New host Aisha Tyler is a co host on The Talk, and is also an actress, comedian and writer. Colin Mochrie 56, a Canadian actor and improvisational comedian is returning after successful stints, on the British and American improvisational shows. Ryan Stiles is an American and Canadian actor, comedian, director, and voice actor who also returns to the show. He too worked on Whose Line is It Anyway on the British and American shows. He is a co-producer of the show.

Supplied with ideas from the studio audience, the comedians and host Aisha Tyler, use the little information they have and their wild imaginations to depict various characters and various scenes on stage. After each round, the host gives points to the performers, and at the end of the show declares a winner.

The network palns to announce the premiere date and time later. This is the popular show’s third season on the CW, and its eleventh season on television since its start in the United States in 1998.