Miles Harris - Own work Paul G. Allen at Flying Heritage Collection

Miles Harris – Own work
Paul G. Allen at Flying Heritage Collection

Paul Allen Exhibit at Honors Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Victory at the EMP Museum

Seattle, Washington – The “We are 12” exhibit has launched at the city’s EMP museum. It is proving to be quite the draw to Seahawks fans following the team’s first Super Bowl victory back on February 2. The Seahawks overwhelmed the Denver Broncos in a game that saw them walking off with a 43-8 victory. Now, those wanting to bask in the glory once more can visit the museum and see the sterling silver Lombardi Trophy up close. The token honors the victor of the game and stands at ~56 cm (22 inches) tall weighing 3.2 kb (7 pounds).

In addition to celebrating the team’s Super Bowl victory, the exhibit showcases the team’s era under the ownership of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. EMP Curatorial Director Jasen Emmons is not surprised one bit by the public reaction. He acknowledged that he fully expected the public to bum rush the museum for a glimpse of the trophy and likened their attraction to it as metal filings to a magnet. Emmons himself admits to being excited to host the trophy in the museum. In the National Football League (NFL), the trophy is the supreme honor. In addition to the trophy is a display of a Super Bowl ring. Both items are placed on actual confetti which had been tossed onto the field following the end of the game at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium.

Those who view the exhibit will see that the love is truly being spread around to all participants. It isn’t only the team’s owner, the head coach, and the players being honored. In addition, the fans themselves are given their due for their undying support. The exhibit occupies a 93 sq. metre (1,000 sq. ft.) salon. The exhibit will run through the year 2016. Those who visit the exhibit will walk away with a wealth of team historical facts and tidbits.

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