Dave Grohl Net Worth

Dave Grohl is known to millions of rock and roll music fans all over the world for his singing, drumming, guitar playing, and song writing contributions to both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. However, according to an article recently published by the Celebrity Net Worth website, he may well soon be known as one of the rock world’s richest individuals.

The total net worth of Dave Grohl has recently been estimated at a princely $260 million. This is quite an accomplishment for a self proclaimed “punk rocker”, whose career began amid the humble surroundings of rural Washington state alongside legendary guitarist and singer, Kurt Cobain.

Of course, times have changed for Grohl, as he was forced to undertake a new beginning in the music business after the suicide of Cobain. Since then, he has skyrocketed to success as the leader of the Foo Fighters, becoming one of the highest paid celebrities in the rock world.

Much of his income derives from the tens of millions of records that the Foo Fighters have sold over the past two decades. However, much of this $260 million must also be due to various wise investments. Grohl has not been willing, so far, to divulge any specific details.