ben affleck got jennifer garner 7-carat diamond ring

ben affleck got jennifer garner 7-carat diamond ring

A Very Generous Thank You Gift

In the Hollywood scenes, actors and actresses are always being followed around. The case is the same for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The couple has been seen many times together in public, but lately, husband Affleck has been away for quite some time working on a new film. With him being away, Garner has been taking charge of their family. She has been seen in public with their son dressed as Batman. What child would not be proud to call Batman his dad? It seems that she has been managing just fine without her husband.

Affleck must have felt awful about leaving his family for such a long time. As a thank you to his wife for being so wonderful during his time away, he decided to purchase her a gift. Of course, one can imagine that it had to be something massive and beautiful, and what says thank you better to a woman than a diamond? After all, they are a woman’s best friend.

Affleck’s purchase was definitely one-of-a-kind. He gifted her with a beautiful seven carat diamond ring set in a platinum band. This ring was surely a surprise to Garner, but it was a wonderful gift none the less. What woman would not be excited about receiving a ring of this size?

This is not one of the first rings of this size that Affleck has purchased for a lady in his life. In 2002, when he was engaged to J-Lo, he purchased a pink diamond ring weighing 6 carats. The value of the ring was placed at $1.2 million. Garner’s ring was bigger, but probably is more meaningful since it was purchased as a thank you. A very generous thank you, some may call it.

Since the movie is done filming, Affleck is back home with his wife and family, and surely there’s a lot of talk about the wonderful new gift.


Ben Affleck got jennifer garner a 7-carat diamond ring