Kate Gosselin selling items to support her eight children

Realty star Kate Gosselin announced that she will be having a garage sale on Saturday, October 25th. Interestingly, this comes at a time when her ex-husband since 2009, Jon Gosselin was evicted from their home. Kate Gosselin and her eight children will be present at the garage sale, which will be held at the Saint John’s Church of Christ. Expect that there will be a number of items that fan’s will find appealing. After all, with eight children, one will accumulate a number of items. Due to the popularity of the television shows Jon and Kate Plus Eight, and Kate Plus Eight, one would expect mixed emotions from the shows loyal following.

The speculation is running amuck as to the reason for the garage sale. Does Kate Gosselin need the money in order to support her eight children, or is she simply ridding of items no longer needed. This is not the first time that Kate Gosselin has sold her children’s items. Fans of the show were in an uproar previously when Kate sold items online. When questioned about this most recent purging of children’s belongs, Kate simply noted that if there was any other way to support her eight children then she would, and added that she and her children would never be heard from again if this were the case.