Matt Damon seems to be taking a cue from his oftentimes collaborator and close friend Ben Affleck. The “Bourne Identify” actor has spent quite a bit of time in the gym lately in preparing for his next big role as an astronaut in the upcoming feature film “The Martian” which will be directed by Ridley Scott and will be released in November, 2015.

Several pictures have been snapped of the 44-year-old screen veteran including some that showed him toting a strange looking beverage in his water bottle. The thickness and color of the post workout beverage seems to resemble a juice mixture that is popular with several juice cleanse diets in Hollywood. Perhaps Damon is indeed following the lead of Ben Affleck who has taken dramatic steps to improve his physique as he prepares to don the Batman cowl in his upcoming portrayal of the caped crusader.

Its admirable that Damon has the time to devote to working out. The Academy Award nominated actor and Academy Award winning writer is married with four children and works on several film projects each year. He also appears quite frequently on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show providing comic relief as the host’s foil.