Soccer star David Beckham is not struggling in the economic recession. Beckham recently was celebrating with other soccer players of the Los Angeles Galaxy, a soccer team from California, of which Beckham plays for.

The team went to Joxer Daily’s Pub and the team mates enjoyed their time together, racking up a $100 bill. David, who is married to former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, left behind a $900 tip, making the total $1,000.

The tip was said to have helped the waitress have a dental procedure and fix up her vehicle. David Beckham was reportedly asked if the tip was correct, just to make sure there was no error. He indeed said he was leaving a $900 tip.

Beckham is known for his generosity towards others and his work for charity. He is well known for his good deeds, having attended a charity even before going to the pub.

David Beckham Leaves A $900 Tip On A $100 Bill