Blake Shelton 60 Minutes Interview

Mega successful country music sensation, Blake Shelton, was recently featured on the long running CBS news program, 60 Minutes. According to a news report that was filed shortly thereafter on the CBS News website, the pop celebrity opened up to interviewers on a wide range of subjects, including why he and his wife, Miranda Lambert, never give interviews together as a team.

It seems that both partners feel that giving interviews at the same time would jeopardize their individual identities. They both feel that the focus of the public should be on the work that they do, rather than the marriage they share. It seems that the couple believe that the details of their private lives are just that– private. So they refuse to do interviews as a couple, but gladly grant them as individual performers.

Blake also opened up on other subjects, such as his professed love of country music. When questioned on the fact that his particular brand of country music has very little, if anything at all, in common with classic country music performers, he gave the opinion that country music has evolved with the times.

He also took interviewer Norah O’ Donnell back to his hometown of Ada, Oklahoma, for a carefully staged bit of public relations. He was more than happy to point out to 60 Minutes that his love of family, God, and country music has not changed, even as he has amassed millions of dollars and moved far away to the bright lights of Nashville.