When actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married last month at their vast 1,200 acre estate called the Chateau Miraval in the South of France, they were very secretive about the ceremony. Those select people who were invited to attend were informed of the couple’s desire to build an art collection to decorate the residence. A close friend of the groom gave the newlyweds artwork from Dom Pattinson, a talented urban artist from the United Kingdom. The artwork was a collection of four prints entitled “Unlawful Art”.

It featured the same grey-scale image of a young girl in a raincoat holding onto the stem of large daisy. The daisy is the only part of the image which varies from print to print and then only in terms of the color. The creation symbolizes looking up towards what lies ahead (IE the future) and by extension letting go of the past. In addition, the girl symbolizes innocence and her raincoat is a shield and protection from the adversity that life occasionally brings. As an added bonus, the couple received the interpretation of the art from the artist himself. The newlyweds also received a giant elephant statue, but the gift-giver’s name has not been revealed.

Pitta and Jolie have been together for nine years. They previously eschewed marriage in protest of the gay people being denied that same right in the United States. They stated that when conditions changed for all people, they would embrace marriage. They made good on their vow. Speaking of her marriage to Pitt, Jolie explained that it is a wonderful feeling to be married. The couple have six children. The marriage was held on August 23. They are filming a movie together called “By the Sea” on location in Malta. Jolie is also the film’s director, producer, and screen writer.

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