The Show Will Go On

Joan River was a fashion icon and always looked like she stepped out of the pages of Vogue. As tragic as it was for Joan Rivers to pass, she would never have wanted show not to go on. With that said, the Fashion Police is scheduled to make its return in January with Kathy Griffin taking a seat center stage. Everyone knows and loves the wide cracking fashion critiquing crew including Melissa Rivers, Kelly Osborne and Guiliana Rancic. Kathy will take her rightful place amongst the other fashion divas to give their opinion and thumbs up or thumbs down on other celebrities fashion no-no’s. With Kathy’s sarcastic sense of humour it is sure to make it worth watching to hear her tips to dress for success.

It is reported that it is a done deal for Kathy to take the stage, but the difference is that now it has been decided that Fashion Police will not be a weekly show, E will pump out this ever so fashion conscious crew for special occasions and red carpet events such as the Emmy awards, Grammy awards and other major award venue.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Kathy stands up against the almost certain scrutiny of being Joan Rivers replacement. Many will be eager to see how she can fill those famous shoes. Joan’s quick witted sarcasm is a tough act to follow for anyone, but Kathy is known for her hilarious stand up comedy performances. It probably will not be a hard task for Kathy to carry the fashion torch and help the celebrities who may have forgotten they were to stand in front of thousands of people and did not bother to use a mirror when they got dressed. Hopefully Kathy shows us what she is made of!