monica lewinsky change name

monica lewinsky change name

For most people, Monica Lewinsky will always be remembered for her infamous affair with Bill Clinton.

But despite all the fallout from her scandalous relationship with the former President, the former White House intern is finally explaining why she decided to never change her last name in hopes of beginning a new life, reports the Daily Mail.

“No one else in the investigation had to change their name. Why should I?” she declared in the new issue of Porter magazine, via New York Post. “I use aliases at times to protect my privacy, but I’m not ashamed of who I am.”

Although she recently joined Twitter and even appeared in Vanity Fair, the 41-year-old admitted to staying under the radar for quite some time. In fact, she stayed in hiding for more than 10 years while living unnoticed in both New York and London.

“For a long time, I didn’t realize the implication of simple things, like looking for an apartment,” she shared with the publication. “Now when I fill out a form I have to think, ‘Will somebody go to the press with my private information?'”

Today, Lewinsky is hoping people will focus more on her current goals of battling Internet bullying instead of her past.

Described as a “social activist” and a “public speaker” on her Twitter profile, Lewinsky recently used her platform to show her support for victims of the nude photo scandal.
“I felt compassion for these young women,” she wrote in Vanity Fair. “Like so many others, I feel outrage—as a fellow victim, as a civilized individual, and as a woman—when other women are so easily and publicly violated.”


monica lewinsky change name