jessa duggar pregnant

jessa duggar pregnant

The Duggars Are Pregnant Again

Another Duggar is in the news. This time it is Jessa Duggar and the question of whether she is pregnant is at the forefront. Everyone in the universe knows the Duggars from the television program 19 and Counting that showcased the Duggars and their approach to birth control, which is none. A few of the older children have already followed in their parents footsteps by getting married and becoming pregnant not soon afterwards.

Jessa Duggar, who recently wed her beau Ben Seewald is now the talk of the town and the question of whether she is pregnant is already being asked. All of hoopla is that if Jessa Duggar is pregnant that could mean that she did not wait until after she was married to consumate her marriage, which would totally go against her family’s belief system waiting until after marriage. Jessa Duggar seems to be a bit different than her sister Jill in regards to her privacy. Word has it that unlike Jill at her wedding, Jessa did not want her first kiss videotaped and shared with millions of other people. She chose to keep that private moment private.

All of the controversy of whether another Duggar girl is pregnant may be helpful in deflecting the attention away from the comments the Duggars had previously made about transgender people and homosexuality, which prompted a petition for the removal of their television program from the air. Sadly, it seems that the Duggars views on this sbject are not so kind and they openly vocalized their feelings.

Whether Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are expecting remains to be seen, but in all honesty, we can hope that maybe she can break the cycle of never-ending baby making and show the world that she is unique and wants to be a newlywed.