bradford cox hit by car: Deerhunter band member hit by car

bradford cox hit by car: Deerhunter band member hit by car

The Deerhunter, Not The Deer Hit By A Car

Famed music front-man of the Indie band Deerhunter, Bradford Cox was hit by a car and is in stable condition atGrady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bradford posted selfie pics on Instagram showing his neck in a brace. Bradford said he is in incredible pain, and he cannot move much. He thanks God that he is still alive. The musician has his Dad there with him, and all signs say he will be ok.

There is no information on where exactly, or how Bradford was hit by a car. We do know that X-rays have been taken, and Doctors are studying Cox’s condition. All signs point that Bradford will be fine and will be back in as Deerhunter’s front-man soon.

Bradford was born in 1982. He and drummer Moses Archuleta developed Deerhunter in 2001. Deerhunter has released 6 albums and a variety of hit singles. Bradford also plays solo under the name Atlas Sound. He does this with music that just will not “jive” in a 5 piece band setting. Cox has a unique style of writing lyrics in which he just takes them off the top of his head as the music plays.

Bradford has always had a battle with health issues. He is no stranger to hospital environments. Cox had the genetic issue named Marfan Syndrome since his birth. This disease can cause effects that attack the nervous system and other areas. We wonder if it was via this Marfan Syndrome that Bradford fell or stumbled in front of a moving car.

It is a great thing that Bradford Cox will be fine soon. The music of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound are a staple of today’s Indie generation. Albums made by Deerhunter are:

  • Turn It Up ******
  • Cryptograms
  • Microcastle
  • Weird Era Cont.
  • Halcyon Digest
  • and Monomania

Only deer should ever be hit by cars, not Deerhunters. Get well soon Bradley and put another album on store shelves.