Earlier this year Justin Timberlake joined a group of 25 people for a night out at the Crystal Cologne club in Cologne, Germany where he performed a pair of concerts for The 20/20 Experience World Tour on Sunday and Tuesday! Ach du lieber!

Although JT was invited to get free drinks there, he left a tip over $4,000 for a group of waitresses working there, reports the Inquistr.

Hey, if what goes around, really does come around then karma has got something really nice coming JT’s way!

Justin apparently stayed until 4:30 a.m.! According to one of the waitresses, the not-so-little bonus was pretty shocking:

“We were all really amazed.”

The only greater tip we could imagine would be Justin’s d*ck in a box!

The Best Celeb Tippers Of All Time?

Gov. Lamar Alexander
Marcus Allen
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Travis Barker (band – Blink 182) – We’ve had differing opinions on this one – be careful.
Charles Barkley
Kathy Bates
Tom Brokaw
Bobby Brown
Eric Brown (pro football player)
John Candy

The Worst celeb tippers Of All Time?

Kathleen Battle
Derrick Brooks (pro football player)
Senator Bryant
Jimmy Buffett
Derrick Coleman (pro basketball player)
Dangelo (r&b singer)
Tony Dorsett
James “Buster” Douglas
Richard Dryfuss
Bridget Fonda
Phillip Fulmer (college football coach)
Al Gore
Ethan Hawke
Don Henley
Whitney Houston
Allen Iverson (pro basketball player)
Jesse Jackson
David Keith (actor)
Dan Quayle
Mark McGwire
Marie Osmond
Scottie Pippen
David Porter (music composer)
John Randal (pro football player)
REM—particularly Michael Stipe