World famous supermodel Elle Macpherson has premiered an exciting new health supplement that she calls the Super Elixir. This is an amazing new development in the world of celebrity branding, as it is the first such venture that a major star has not only endorsed, but also had a hand in the manufacturing of.

The Super Elixir health supplement is now available from WelleCo, a company that was founded directly by the supermodel in conjunction with Andrea Bux, the world renowned beauty care product consultant and developer. The Super Elixir health supplement is already being touted by several leading beauty and health care product websites as the finest of its kind.

The recent introduction of Super Elixir to the international market place has already caused quite a stir, and product sales are very strong. The actual Super Elixir formula was specially developed by Elle Macpherson herself, with the assistance of Dr. Simone Laubscher.

It turns out that Super Elixir essentially consists of the very same nutritional formula that Laubscher has been crafting exclusively for Macpherson’s use for the past several years. Therefore, the personal involvement of Macpherson in the launch of the product carries a very welcome personal testimony that should help it become a major household name.