Apparently Sharon Osborne and Jay Leno had a short fling in the 1970’s, at least this is what Osborne confessed during a recent interview with Howard Stern. Stern has an elaborate and detailed conversation with Osborne about the ends and outs of the relationship. During the interview, Osborne explains that she met Leno in 1975 when she first came to the United States from England.

Osborne confessed that the two slept together but the encounter was so brief that she got no pleasure. Osborne also discussed Leno’s physical appearance, adding that his large chin was a turn off for her. She also admits that there are certain details of their fling that she has no recollection of because it was so long ago. Osborne does recall meeting Leno at her home where the tryst took place.

Stern joked that perhaps Leno fathered on of Osborne’s children. Osborne first discussed her relationship with Leno on her talk show, The Talk. All of the host of the The Talk revealed a secret and Osborne’s fling with Leno was the secret she exposed to the audience. Jay Leno has not commented on the relationship he shared with Sharon Osborne in the 1970’s.