tom selleck indiana jones

tom selleck indiana jones

Tom Selleck turns down Indiana Jones role!

Tom Selleck was asked by CBS and Steven Spielberg to play the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but regretfully the actor turned it down after about a month of debating, choosing to commit to be the pilot in Magnum P.I instead. Reason why Selleck regrets turning down role is because when in Hawaii filming Magnum, he seen crew members from a different set… the set of Raiders of the lost ark.

Sellack states “I could’ve done them both” but from the sounds of it, CBS didn’t give him enough time to accept offer before withdrawing and not contacting him to explain why.
Tom goes on to explain in the video link below about how Steven Spielberg wanted the filming of this movie to be kept very secret as it would be a big release. Sellack says they stuck him in a small room with no windows for the initial interview for Indiana jones. Steven gave Tom about 3 pages worth of the script and each line was serial numbered to insure secrecy. Tom stating that the audition piece was the part in the move where the giant ball is chasing Indiana Jones through a cave.

Sellack goes on further to state that he didn’t actually turn down the offer, but that CBS only gave him about a month’s time before they withdrew their offer to him. Tom later stated that he was leaning against taking the role anyway.

It is very amusing that the company that turned down an offer given to Tom, requested that he join David Letterman on his showed (hosted by CBS) to talk about what happen. Posted below is the video link to the Letterman interview as well as the highlighting news article.

Tom Selleck Finally Sets The Record Straight Over ‘Indiana Jones’ On ‘The Late Show’