Triple H breaks character

Triple H breaks character

NEW YORK – Triple H is one of the most notorious heels in WWE history, but on the latest Monday Night RAW, he defied his own Authority after spotting a distraught John Cena fan in the front row.

The real-life COO of the WWE noticed the fan after a segment where he presumably continued to make life a living Hell for the guys in the ring, a major part of his corporate persona.

Trpple H whose real name is Paul Michael Levesque, walked over to the kid, and then this happened:

The hows and whys are unclear, but Twitter snapper Chris Olds gives a brief breakdown on his account.

Olds told that after the match, WWE took the kindness a step further by giving away prizes to the fan:

“After the match, (ring announcer) Lilian Garcia congratulated him on Cena’s win and they gave him a stack of shirts, wristbands, bandannas, a hat, which he brought back to his dad sitting in front of me.”

In any case, it’s a feel-good story about a guy we’re supposed to hate. And considering the fact that Triple H’s breaking character in the past has landed him in hot water, he comes kicking out ahead every time.

Do you think Triple H should of broke character?

Triple H breaks character