Vanilla Ice I lied:  Rapper Admits To Lying To Police

Vanilla Ice I lied: Rapper Admits To Lying To Police

Vanilla Ice reportedly committed the crime of lying to the police and his co-workers when he was caught stealing from a one million dollar home in Florida earlier this week.

The former rapper lied about owning the home, where he was filming his Vanilla Ice Project.

Vanilla, 48, allegedly took items from the house that he thought was free, since they were on the curb.

According to the New York Daily News, the police in Lantana were first notified of the situation on December 26, 2014 after an individual reported squatters at 109. N. Atlantic Drive.

The paper continues by citing the police as saying, “During the investigation, Ice showed up and claimed he’d bought the place nine days before.”

However, shortly afterwards, it was brought to the police’s attention that the property was bank-owned and that a local realtor named James Lovely, was representing the estate of its late owner, Morgan James Wilbur III, according to the police.

Late last month, James Lovely reported that the residence — said to be valued at around $2.5 million — had been looted for thousands of dollars’ worth of valuables “A $1,000 sofa, twelve patio chairs, three bar stools, an iron table and glass top, two bicycles, some artwork, and a $3,000 pool heater,” the New York Daily News quotes the police as saying.

According to TMZ, cops have since recovered most of the items, including:

— An iron table with glass top valued at $450
— Patio chairs valued at $1,000
— A sofa valued at $1,000
— Two bicycles valued at $400
— Large mirror valued at $500

If convicted of home burglary and grand theft, Ice is potentially looking at prison time.