Hollywood, California – Actor John Travolta left viewers of the 2014 Oscars somewhat perplexed over his chin grabbing incident of singer Idina Menzel. Travolta, age 61, appeared on the set of the Jimmy Kimmel special following the Oscars. He explained that he got caught up in the spirit of the event being surrounded by other celebrities. It started once he encountered actress Goldie Hawn. He was “loving up” on the actress and completely forgot the purpose of his visit. Next, he walked on stage to meet with Menzel. He was given a card with her name spelled out phonetically for ease of pronunciation. The trouble is the pronunciation was not the same as what he had rehearsed earlier in the day. It also turns out to have been incorrect leading him to mispronounce her name.

In addition, he cuddled up to the singer and grabbed her chin. It was meant as a gesture of affection, but he admits he probably was too affectionate. As far as Menzel went, she was fine with the encounter. She had the best year of her career and attributed her success in part to Travolta’s example. For his part, Travolta was tickled over the complement she paid him.

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