First images of the latest Supergirl are released

The latest version of the Supergirl character will feature in a TV show later this year and the first look at the latest version of the classic costume has been revealed. Warner Bros. Television has released a series of images that feature former Glee actress Melissa Benoist in full character as fans were treated to their first images of the iconic cousin of Superman. As Warner Bros. own both the Supergirl and Superman rights the female character has been given a costume that echoes the latest version designed for Henry Cavill’s role as the Man of Steel. Benoist also appears to have dyed her dark hair blond in a bid to keep the iconic character in keeping with the original design used in the DC Comics stories the new series will be based on.

The new version of Supergirl will be produced by Greg Berlanti, who also produces the latest version of fellow comic book franchise Arrow who Warner Bros. are hoping will be able to repeat the success he has had with that series for the CW network. Supergirl will initially be broadcast by CBS and will tell the story of the escape from the planet Krypton by Kara Zor-El, who arrives on the planet Earth in a similar way to her cousin Superman and is taken in by the Danver’s family.

The latest images of the Supergirl character reveal the costume to be worn by Benoist will feature the legendary S on the chest and in completed by a red skirt with gold trim. The classic cape is also included in a deep red color that Benoist will wear after defeating a number of actresses for the role, Benoist will be stepping into the role played by Helen Slater in the 1984 Supergirl movie that has become a cult classic in recent years.
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Supergirl Melissa Benoist


Supergirl Melissa Benoist