Ed Mulholland for ESPN Ronda Rousey celebrates her Feb. 28 victory over Cat Zingano.

Ed Mulholland for ESPN
Ronda Rousey celebrates her Feb. 28 victory over Cat Zingano.

Ronda Rousey Against Any Co-Ed Fight on Traditional Grounds That Men Should Never Strike Women

Call her old-fashioned or traditional, but 28-year-old UFC fighter Ronda Rousey would never take on a man in a UFC sanctioned fight. That’s not to say the feisty professional mixed martial artist could not take on most men. She is fully capable of putting the hurt on any opponent. That said, Rousey told reporters that a fight between a male mixed martial artists would be problematic.

For starters, fights by nature are unpredictable. Anything might occur in a co-ed fight. Presumably, she means that there is the potential for her to get badly injured. However, her reluctance goes beyond that. In principle, Rousey does not believe a man should ever strike a woman. This extends to professional fights. For this reason, she would never participate in such a match. Besides that, she does not believe the UFC would ever sanction such a fight.

“I don’t think it’s a great idea to have a man hitting a woman on television,” Rousey told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “I’ll never say that I’ll lose, but you could have a girl getting totally beat up on TV by a guy — which is a bad image to put across. With all the football [domestic violence] stuff that’s been happening, not a good idea. It’s fun to theorize about and talk about, but it’s something that’s much better in theory than fact.”

In a March 5 interview with “SportsCenter,” Rousey was asked about UFC announcer Joe Rogan’s comment that he thinks she could beat 50 percent of male UFC bantamweight fighters.

“If we’re just talking about what in the realm of possibilities is possible about who I could beat, I could beat 100 percent of them,” she replied. “But you can’t tell me there’s a zero percent chance I can’t beat anyone on the planet, so I’m never going to say that.”

For now, people will have to be content to wonder just how well she would square off with a man. No woman seems to be capable of fighting her. Her most recent challenger lost after just 14 seconds.

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