Jennifer Lawrence says she won't be doing another X-Men

Jennifer Lawrence says she won’t be doing another X-Men

Actress Jennifer Lawrence told MTV this week she will not be making any more X-Men movies. That means, while we still may get to see more of the shape-shifter in future X-Men movies, one thing is for sure. Jennifer Lawrence will not be the one playing her.

Lawrence made the comment while attending the premiere of her latest film ‘Serena’, when asked about her future with the X-Men franchise. She didn’t give any details as to why she was ‘done’, nor did she say if it was her decision or the decision had been made for her. She simply said X-Men: Apocalypse was her “last one”.

If Mystique does appear in future X-Men movies, it will not be the first time the role has been played by a different actress. Rebecca Romijn played her in the first three movies the character appeared in. Jennifer Lawrence then took over the role in Mystique in X-Men: First Class.

Jennifer Lawrence’s career, of course, has been in skyrocket mode since she first starred in the Hunger Games series. With the success she gained from that affiliation, plus an Academy Award for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook offers have been pouring in during the last few years. So many it is easy to see why she would not want to tie herself to yet another X-Men movie.

Lawrence is currently filming the movie ‘Joy’, about a single mom down on her luck and who came up with the idea of the ‘Miracle Mop’. That movie is due for release on Christmas Day, 2015.