Lara Logan “60 Minutes” Correspondent, Returns to the Hospital
Lara Logan, age 43, has returned to the hospital for additional medical treatment. The issue currently being addressed is diverticulitis. This is the formation of painful swelling pouches along the large intestine or bowels. It can also form along the colon. The intestinal disease is the result of savage and sustained sexual battery at the hands of Egyptian men back in 2011. At the time, Logan was covering the “Arab Spring” in Egypt and the collapse of the Mubarak regime. Logan who works as a news correspondent for “60 Minutes” was covering the events on the ground and had the protection of a body guard.

However, the unruly crowd turned violent and in the commotion she was separated from her body guard. It was then that men savagely interfered with her. Logan is a beautiful blond haired blue eyed white woman. It would be anybody’s guess as to how long the savagery would have lasted. In the end, the courageous efforts of Egyptian woman along with 20 Egyptian soldiers prevailed, and she was extricated from the situation. That said, her physical problems from the attack linger to this day.

Ed Butowsky, a good friend of Logan, said the public has no idea just how great her physical suffering has been in the aftermath of such a brutal attack. Just this year alone, she has been admitted to the hospital four times. That is a rate of one hospitalization every three weeks. Her family also alluded to the fact there is a strong undercurrent of strength in her actions which isn’t visible to the average person. At face value, she seems happy and well-balanced. While that is the case for Logan, it comes despite constant pain and physical maladies all of which stem from the brutal attack. Logan checked in to a hospital in Washington, D.C. this past Monday.


Lara Logan hospitalized