Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson Let Go by BBC

Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson Let Go by BBC

The BBC confirmed today that they have fired Jeremy Clarkson. He was the host of the popular automotive television show Top Gear, and he had quite a popular fan following in spite of his controversial off-screen antics. The BBC claimed that Jeremy Clarkson was involved in what they’ve termed a fracas with one of the show’s producers.

Ken MacQuarrie, the director of BBC Scotland, provided the media with a summary of the BBC’s investigation into what happened. They claim that Clarkson subjected Oisin Tymon to physical violence after apparently insulting him. The exact details of what words were used were not made public by the report.

The report alleged that a verbal altercation began on March 4, and the verbal attack was at least initially unprovoked. The attack culminated in a punch that caused Tymon to swell and bleed. Clarkson apparently continued to insult Tymon even after he struck him, and then followed him into the hotel complex.

The incident apparently took place on the patio of the Simonstone Hall Hotel, where Tymon was shooting some footage for Top Gear. A witness got involved and broke up the attack, but the investigation claims that Tymon didn’t actually retaliate at all.

Clarkson continued to use what the BBC calls derogatory and abusive language even after the event, which has lead to the network getting rid of him. While the BBC has plans to restructure Top Gear around the other two hosts, some people feel that this might very well be the beginning of the end of the popular franchise. Clarkson has been accused of using racial slurs in a segment of the show, which was edited out. Some people have expressed the opinion that Clarkson should have been removed previously, but fans outside of the UK have started a petition to express their support for the host.