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  • roger

    March 29, 2015

    oger Moors is not being racist — He makes good logical sense.
    This is a sad example of Political Correctness gone out of control.

    I strongly oppose the idea of changing established characters just to force fit some modern mentality of Political Correctness.

    James Bond is an established character created by Ian Fleming in 1954 — largely based on his own image.
    He is a white Scottish (Irish?) agent working as a spy.
    That is who he is.
    He is a womanizer, he smokes, he drinks, he is moody, he is a bit snobbish.

    He is not Black, he is not a woman, he is not gay, he is not Mexican, etc…

    Now if somebody wants to create some NEW character, then make them anything they want them to be.
    Make them a chinese, female, midget, lesbian if they want.
    That is cool — it might be an interesting new character.
    But DO NOT go changing established characters just for the sake of complying with some modern sense of political correctness.

    One of my pet-peeves of the James Bond films is they never stay constant with Felix Lieter.
    Sometimes he is young, old, black, white, etc…
    Every movie he is something different.
    He was originally a tall lanky Texan in the books.
    One of the few Americans Bond really liked and trusted — and in the books he plays a much larger part in the adventures — often working side by side with 007 for much of the story.

    I guess you see where I stand on this silly idea.

    Don’t screw around with characters that have already been around for 50 years or more.
    But — feel free to make new characters anything you desire.

    ’nuff said


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