Bruce Jenner wrongful death

According to reports Thursday, Bruce Jenner is facing a wrongful death lawsuit following the accident that claimed her life a woman’s life.

A new report claims that the stepchildren of the woman who died in the crash are making plans to press charges…and the Kardashian patriarch is at the center of their suit.

TMZ reports:

Kim Howe was driving her Lexus on Pacific Coast Highway on February 7th when Bruce slammed into her, sending her car careening into the lane of oncoming traffic where a Hummer demolished her car.

Howe has no direct relatives. Her husband died in 2003, and it appears her parents are deceased as well as other immediate blood relatives.

Kim does have 2 grown stepkids, neither of whom live in California. We spoke with people who were extremely close to Kim who tell us she had “virtually no relationship” with either stepchild.

Nonetheless, were told both stepchildren have lawyered up, because they’re the only remaining people who have a legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In California, stepchildren have legal standing to sue, even if they were estranged from the stepparent.

Sources tell us, the lawyer for one of the stepchildren has already asked his client to find as many pictures and other evidence showing some relationship between himself and Kim … presumably to help establish damages in the lawsuit.

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